Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Stock Belt sizes are 30 inch to 44 inch.

Other sizes can be requested by email contact at:

To ascertain your correct size, using a belt that fits, measure as indicated from the top edge of buckle to the hole on the belt you are using, this is your measurement.

If you require any further assistance please get in touch.

Use a good quality leather cleaner/conditioner, which is fit for purpose, bearing in mind that a belt is in close proximity to your clothes.

Apply a small amount to a soft, dry cloth and rub it all over the belt, both sides.

Ensure you air-dry the belt.

If your belt gets wet, dry at room temperature.

Full grain leather.
Often leather belts are made from leather fibres/scraps that are glued together to create a sheet (bonded leather), which often cracks with use.

Do not store your leather goods in a dark, poorly ventilated environment, it will encourage mold. Keep your leather goods clean, in a dry, low humidity area.